Andres Mesa-Cruz

Role: Recruitment Consultant

Responsibilities:  Responsible for the maintenance and growth of a burgeoning permanent recruitment desk. I’m tasked with ensuring our clients are always delivered great service by presenting them with the best candidates and delivering on our objectives.

Bio: As my children grow, any spare time I have is increasingly taken up as a Taxi driver/Event planner. I’m often to be found cycling with my sons or getting under the feet of my long suffering (but lovely) wife.

Home-Town: Ilfracombe

Loves: Cycling, the gym and anything that can help to counteract my increasing waistline.

Dislikes: Sprouts! Which is why the hateful parcels of misery are only tolerated but once a year.

Random fact: Fluent in Spanish

Career advice: Stand out! If you’re going to do something, Do something that someone somewhere wishes you weren’t.