Lorri Stamp

Role: Accounts Administrator

Responsibilities: Looking after the busy back office function of Cooper Golding including but not limited to Payroll, holidays and invoiceing.

Bio: A Yoga Teacher with a love for numbers who is passionate about helping others achieve their life goals.  Having worked with Paula and the Team before, Lorri was attracted to the Cooper Golding values, vision and team vibe.  Who wouldn’t be!


Home Town: Monmouth (The Wye Valley)

Loves:  Spending time with my quirky family, walking the coastal paths of North Devon, dog sitting, discovering the wonders this world has to offer, teaching yoga, hosting retreats, gin, eating & cooking!

Dislikes: Not being true to myself.

Random Fact:  Once walked 100km non-stop (23hrs) for charity.

Career Advice:  Explore opportunities that come your way…you never know what you’re good at until you’ve done it.  Plus, it may open other doors!