Role: Senior IT, Tech and Digital 

Responsibilities: Working with Top IT & Tech professionals to provide the most highest of quality talent within the fast growing and much emerging  technology and digital sector in the South West.

Bio: Tim is a creative and confident individual who will always happily look outside the box to ensure a task is done to its’ full effect and completed to the highest quality.

Home Town: Exeter 

Loves: My son Harry, AFC Wimbledon, sports, football, basketball, rugby  cooking, creative writing, music production ,and walking.

Dislikes: Lateness, my nineties and early noughties dress sense!

Random Fact: I was once signed to a record label as a UK Hip Hop artist and also used to live in California!

Career Advice: Go for what you know you want and where your strengths lie. Look at where your future lies and longevity is key and always be confident