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Covid-19 FAQ Cooper Golding Recruitment

With lock down measures slowly starting to be eased, and companies re-opening. We are working hard to ensure we maintain our continuous, high quality recruitment services for both our clients and candidates. We have been closely following government guidelines and the health and safety of our employees and agency workers are our top priority:-

Is the branch still open?

Yes! We have now moved offices to Artavia house on the same street (Queen Street) which allows a bigger and safer environment for both internal colleagues and candidates/Clients.  

The office opening hours are 0830 – 1700 Mon - Fri

Candidate registrations are taking place by appointment only.  We ask that all visitors wear a face covering when entering the building.

Call one of the team on 01271 349745 for more information.   

What steps have Cooper Golding taken to ensure the office is Covid-secure?

  • Social Distancing: The office is clearly marked out with distinctive walkways and restricted zones to ensure everyone can socially distance.
  • Desks are positioned one meter plus apart, with plastic desk dividers to separate one another
  • Staff have face coverings and visors, which are worn on client visits and when conducting face to face registrations
  • We also have a separate area for registrations with a plastic divider, which will be wiped down and cleaned after each use.
  • We have conducted a part-time rota which enables staff to be split into teams to avoid the spread of germs and potential risk of contacting Covid 19.
  • We have hand-sanitiser stations fixed on the walls and individual pumps for each desk
  •  All surfaces are wiped down with antibacterial spray after use

What Steps are our clients taking to ensure safety in the workplace?

We are working with our clients to ensure all have conducted risk assessments as well as completed and introduced Covid measures to protect workers on their premises.  All information will be relayed to you so you can follow the Health and Safety procedures for the client where agency workers are assigned.  Health and Safety rules should be followed at all times.

Each client and role may take various measures to ensure safety on their site.  These may include, but are not limited to :-

  • Social distancing measures in place either 2 metres apart or 1 metre plus
  • Regular hand washing and sanitising
  • Possible temperature checks
  • Questionnaires about possible Covid symptoms for both yourself and people in your bubble
  • Side by side working, back to back working or plastic screens to protect you are working face to face with distance
  • Taking individual breaks or breaks with the same shift or team of people
  • Working in a fixed team continuously
  • Essential only visitors to site
  • One way systems incorporated round the site
  • Limited amounts of personnel in a particular area at any one time
  • Virtual meetings/Induction or training
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Possibly gloves, masks or face coverings/Visors
  • If you can avoid public transport wherever possible and travel in your own vehicle, bicycle or walk to work if possible.

It is essential that you adhere to the Health & Safety measures that have been put in place to protect you and your work colleagues. If you have any concerns about where you are working, please contact our office and speak to one of the team on 01271 349745

Please also adhere to all social distancing rules when you are not at work. Further advice can be found on the website.

What do I do if I am feeling unwell?

The main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or are feeling unwell, please stay at home and give us a call, we can then either rearrange appointments or contact your workplace to let them know. Additionally, to protect others, do not go to your GP surgery, pharmacy, or hospital if you have these symptoms. Self-isolate and get tested.

What if I must self-isolate, will I still get paid?

If you have Covid-19 or have been displaying symptoms and been advised to self-isolate, you can obtain a letter from the NHS 111 or GP which will allow you to claim SSP.

Additional Information:

  • Candidates will be notified ASAP if any current working arrangements change.
  • It is now possible for workers with Coronavirus symptoms to get tested. The test can tell if you have the virus at the time that the sample is take. Find out more or apply for a coronavirus test here… 

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