Client Services

The team at Cooper Golding offer a range of tailored recruitment services to help their clients find the best available talent to drive success.

Temporary staffing solutions

Cooper Golding has designed a highly effective Temporary Solutions service offering candidates and clients the ability to connect at short-notice and on a flexible contract basis.   

Leveraging great knowledge of the complexities involved in recruiting relevant personnel at short notice or to meet a project deadline or ensure production doesn’t falter. We are an independent local company with the expertise and knowledge of various sectors, thus being able to offer to a wide audience and industry sector, including Manufacturing, Production, Office/Commercial, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Industrial and Warehousing. 

We are able to offer referenced personnel with relevant skill sets who will be inducted and fully briefed about each and every role. We collaborate with companies to understand culture, vision and goals and collaborate with candidates to understand their ambitions, visions and goals too. 

Contractor & Interim provision 

Cooper Golding works with clients, contractors and interim professionals to create opportunities across the South West regions.  Leveraging significant recruitment experience gained in multiple sectors have enabled us to provide a horizontal recruitment service allowing us to bring to our clients, a full spectrum workforce.

Interim professionals and project-based contractors are enabling a full range of businesses to move forward with their development and growth strategies. From Business Development to Technical Support, from ICT/Digital/Data Solutions to Senior Management Team placements, both candidates and clients are enjoying the benefits of interim placements and focussed work initiatives to achieve business objectives and financial goals.

The working realms of contractors and interim professionals are varied and widespread in expertise and utilisation. When we looked at our collective experiences and expertise, and the region we are working within, there were a number of clear roads to successively service our clients and candidates.

Our main specialist fields are as follows: Aerospace, Business Support, Electronics, Engineering, Food, HR, Logistics, Manufacturing, Sales, Supply Chain and Transport. 

If you are actively utilising or considering using contractors and interims, then get in contact with us to either provide an alternative solution from your existing supplier, or an informal insight into what we can do for your business.

Permanent Staff

One of the key influential factors for any company is their direct hires. These are the people who will drive your business forward and whilst a dedicated member of staff can add multiple layers of value to you… a mistake can be costly!  Here at Cooper Golding, we become brand ambassadors for you!  No one can sell your business as you can, but everyone loves to hear positive reviews about you from someone else. It is a powerful tool in your armoury to establish strong links with your recruitment partner.

Our reach and engagement with an impressive network can identify the best talent in your sector.  When you work with us, we don’t just send you a two-sided piece of paper, we talk you through the softer objectives of the candidate and of course vice versa your softer objectives of integration, culture, ethics and vision.  After all, you aren’t engaging a recruiter for just what we do! You engage us for what we know too!

From advert led campaigns to search and selection, including headhunting… contingency or retained we have got you covered.

Advert & Copywriting

Cooper Golding Recruitment’s skilled team are always on hand to assist in helping to produce and publish relevant job opportunities that will be seen in the right areas, by the kind of candidates that businesses want to employ.

We ensure we cover all bases for your advert and copywriting, from social media channels to job sites online, and of course, on our own website. If there’s somewhere you think your ad should be placed, chances are we have got it covered.

Why not check out our Client Resources for a growing, free library of helpful information.