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Celebrations are in order

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Recruitment businesses tend to focus on the front end stars ....the Recruiters who go out and win the business, develop relationships with contacts and candidates generally gain the praise, quite rightly of course.  However, as with any relationship to make the front facing work the back office needs to work in tandem and let's face it we all need support!  

This is where having a trusted and sturdy back office function with the ability to assist with the overall objectives, keeping a tight reign on spending and supporting business growth is crucial to make the whole thing work.  This is where Alex has been instrumental in the growth of the company and is now celebrating two years with Cooper Golding and a birthday to boot.  Dependable, efficient and always striving to be better, a huge thanks and congratulations for our super star who holds it all together and deserves a lot of recognition!

Here is to many more years to come!!  Thank you from all the team at CG!!