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National Insurance Rise April 2022 - What you need to know!

​National Insurance is due to rise from April 2022, so what does this mean for employers and employees?National Insurance Contributions go towards state benefits, including pensions, statutory sick...

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Rishi Sunak visits North Devon

​I was honoured to be invited to a lunch with fellow local businesses where the key note speaker was the Chancellor of the Exchequer, The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP, in Ilfracombe North Devon.The Chan...

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Straem Line Hiring Process

How to Streamline Your Hiring Process

How to Streamline Your Hiring ProcessHiring new staff can be one of the most rewarding experiences as an employer. It shows you are diversifying your workforce and your business is growing but it c...

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Questions To Ask Interviewer

Questions to ask a potential employer

Questions to ask a potential employer Whether you are applying for a new job or seeking advancement in a current one, it is vital you do your due diligence and find out as much as you can about ...

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Shift Patterns

Shift Patterns - Benefits to Employee and Employer

Shift Patterns There are many benefits to shift work for both employers and employees. Although shift work was out of fashion for a while, it is making a comeback as employers become more sensit...

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Trade Port

FreePorts - What does it mean?

There has been a lot of talk about FreePorts weighing the pro’s and con’s and what it really means. Ultimately this is about driving foreign investment into the UK for regeneration. My take away fr...

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Contractor updating paperwork for IR35 changes

IR35 Changes for Contractors: What You Need to Know

Changes are coming in April 2021 with regards to off-payroll working rules, otherwise known as IR35. If you are a contractor, chances are these changes will mean you need to make some changes in or...

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A man moving pallets as part of a supply chain

What Impact Has Brexit Had on Supply Chains?

Modern manufacturing businesses rely on fast supply chains to deliver their components, both domestically and internationally. However, the Brexit deal, which was agreed on the 24th December 2020, ...

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Swot Analysis

How to Identify Your Strengths

Knowing what your main strengths are can be invaluable information when it comes to applying and interviewing for jobs, or if you are planning a career change. Not only can it help you if you are l...

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Temporary Staff

Benefits of Hiring Temporary Staff

While hiring temporary employees may not be an option for all businesses, for those who can, it can be an excellent way of increasing productivity within your team, while also effectively managing ...

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Message from the Owner - 2020 into 2021

MESSAGE FROM PAULA – 2020 into 2021!My colleague Kev, mentioned it was the year of the rat in his take of 2020. Conceivably, this could also be the year of the Bat!  Definitely the year where Covid...

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What the Team said - The year of the Rat!

Kevin Booth - Business Manager 2020 in the Chinese calendar it is the Year of the Rat, What a Rat of a year it has been  in terms of running a business.  Not a great opening but it will become a...

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What the Team Said - Andres!

Andres – Recruitment Consultant First of all I know I’m lucky, I still have a job in an industry that has seen mass redundancies. Some of our competitors appeared to panic fire on day one of the...

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Christmas Messages 06

Merry Christmas from the Cooper Golding Team

Merry Xmas from the Cooper Golding Team!    

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Team Cg Need Louisa

What the Team said !

The Teams View ....As the world has closed in on itself, attempting to cope with Corona Virus and all our worlds have become smaller, the sense of community at a macro level has been evident to see...

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Recruitment Agency Concept

Benefits of Working with Expert Recruiters to Find a Job

There are no two ways about it – job hunting is hard! Endlessly trawling job sites, trying to navigate the mire and endlessly submitting and resubmitting your CV can quickly start to feel like a ch...

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Covid Update - November 2020!

We recognise that the COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing, and our main priority is the wellbeing of our staff, candidates and clients and ensuring that we continue to support you during these u...

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Working from home: How to stay productive...

After Boris Johnson announced lockdown measures on the 23rd March 2020, the public were told to work from home where possible to contain the Coronavirus outbreak.It is now just over 2 months later,...

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Thankful for the help during lock-down

Fellow “Linkediners”For those of you that know me, you’ll be aware that I’m a private person not oft given to introspection. Here is my inelegant attempt to make sense of recent events.The lockdown...

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