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My Journey to Cooper Golding...

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My journey to Cooper Golding began with and injury and some time off work, quality time with family which had me re-evaluating the commitments I had made to a career in Hospitality. I loved working in a customer serviced based environment but the hours were heavy around the evening and weekend which had a huge impact on my family life. The time off I had with my son encouraged me to look at career options which might be less damaging to my home life. I decided a chat with the professionals was in order!

I came to the conclusion that I would go to a recruitment centre and discuss my qualifications and work experience. Where could my skills lead me? What jobs have people gone into with a research-based degree? Are there businesses that will see my want for success and provide the opportunities for career progression? Well, I did not expect that all my answers were going to be answered by Cooper Golding, but they certainly were...

As I was wondering around Barnstaple town trying to figure out the best recruitment agency to give me advice, I realised google reviews will probably answer my question... So off to Cooper Golding I went. The absolutely glowing google reviews were not wrong as I was met with and extremely friendly and open conversation about my career history and where I wanted to go from there. There was no intimidation about walking into an office full of people, I was able to sit in a private area and really honestly talk.

This was the conversation that absolutely changed my life. The member of staff I talked to saw potential in me to work within the Cooper Golding business and I was offered an interview with them the following week. I was extremely nervous throughout the interview process which was confirmation as to how much I wanted the job. But non the less I was successful and have been working at Cooper Golding a little over two months.

I LOVE MY JOB! Is something I thought I would never say but is something I say on a regular basis now. I love getting to talk to people when they are needing that bit of positivity or a silly joke. I love the small daily wins of finding candidates, interacting with different people and hitting set targets.

Recruitment is an extremely rewarding line of work to get into and it has changed my perspective of a 9 to 5. I’m lucky enough to have joined a company that are willing to invest in my training and my future. I have already been on a HOXO personal branding course. Now I’m starting another course based around ‘how to recruit’. I have and am learning a lot with these courses and working amongst a great team! I’m thoroughly enjoying my time as a resourcing consultant and throwing myself into all training that comes my way with the plan of becoming a consultant for Cooper Golding in the future.