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Temporary Staffing Solutions

Cooper Golding has designed a highly effective Temporary Solutions service offering candidates and clients the ability to connect at short-notice and on a flexible contract basis.   

Leveraging great knowledge of the complexities involved in recruiting relevant personnel at short notice or to meet a project deadline or ensure production doesn’t falter. We are an independent local company with the expertise and knowledge of various sectors, thus being able to offer to a wide audience and industry sector, including Manufacturing, Production, Office/Commercial, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Industrial and Warehousing. 

We are able to offer referenced personnel with relevant skill sets who will be inducted and fully briefed about each and every role. We collaborate with companies to understand culture, vision and goals and collaborate with candidates to understand their ambitions, visions and goals too. 


While hiring temporary employees may not be an option for all businesses, for those who can, it can be an excellent way of increasing productivity within your team, while also effectively managing your workload for upcoming projects.

You may decide to take on the staff yourself, but we have highlighted some benefits that you will gain should you decide to hire temporary staff through a recruitment agency:


Many businesses experience peaks and troughs when it comes to deadlines and workloads through the year, and sometimes you will find that work can get extremely busy with little warning during the peaks. While you may find it difficult to know what the future holds and what that means for you balancing your staff levels, the hiring of temporary staff offers beneficial flexibility for when things suddenly get busy.


There will be a significant reduction in the costs associated with hiring temporary staff. The main cost-saver will be the fact you will only be paying for the employee when you actually need them, but there are other associated savings that you will notice. These may include costs on benefits and training which may only be available to permanent staff and savings due to the reduced time in sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding team members.

If you do opt to use a recruitment agency for employing temporary staff, such as ourselves, it can work out better value for money. This is due to you having access to our pool of temporary staff, interviewing knowledge and recruitment expertise, which vastly reduces the workload for internal hiring managers.


Temporary workers are more likely to be open to flexible working arrangements, so in situations where you need someone in the door ASAP, the quick turnaround time can often make this a reality. What’s more, due to the hiring process being quicker, you won’t have to invest hours getting the additional help you require when it comes to hiring permanent staff, further saving you money. We can also source and vet the temps for you, making hiring even faster and easier for you when you use us!


As temporary staff are usually hired for work on a specific project, they won’t be caught up in the daily duties that permanent workers experience. This means you can hire someone with a particular skill set you require for a short amount of time, meaning they are more likely to hit the ground running and make an instant impact on your business.


Life is unpredictable and can throw many challenges at your business. You may suddenly find yourself light on staff due to illness or the sudden departure of a permanent employee. You may also need to find cover for maternity or paternity leave or to cover an extended annual leave.

The hiring temporary or contract employees is the perfect way to keep your business running effectively and allow you to stay on task even if the permanent employee they are covering is away for a prolonged period or has left the business suddenly.  As we previously mentioned, temps can be employed quickly to cover a certain timeframe or be put in place until a more fixed decision has been made. Regardless of the “why”, temporary cover means you won’t be caught out and you can continue to operate as normal.

Although you may find the need to spend a bit more time than usual explaining certain tasks and procedures, temp workers are keen to make a lasting impression, meaning they are more likely to go “the extra mile” with their efforts. Furthermore, if it turns out that you really like your temp then you could always offer them a permanent position at the end of their contract (if it makes business sense) which will save you a lot of time and effort in your recruitment.

If you find yourself in need of a temporary staff member for whatever reason, why not get into contact and see how we can help you? We invest our time to gain a deeper understanding of your business requirements, objectives, and drivers and to gain a greater appreciation of your business culture, ensuring we find staff who will be the perfect fit for your business.

If you would like to find out how we can help your business, why notget in contactor call us on 01271 349745 – we look forward to hearing from you!

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