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Candidate FAQs

(Check out our handbook which covers candidates most frequently asked questions!

*Payment of wages: These will be paid weekly in arrears directly into a bank/ building Society account – the account must either be a sole account or a joint account which you are party to

*Availability: To help you find work it is very important that we know your availability. We update your availability once a week on a Wednesday, therefore can you please contact the office and let us know if you are still available.

*Hours of Work: The hours and days you work may vary.There may be days when you are not required to work so this means you will not be entitled to any pay to pay on these days.

*Punctuality: You must arrive in sufficient time to start work.The client will not be impressed if you are late and we take this seriously as it’s our reputation at stake unless caused by circumstances beyond your control.If lateness persists this could result in the termination of your assignment

*Termination of Assignment: as per your contract, assignments can be ended at any time by either you or the client. We will obviously try and seek alternative work for you but if we are unable to or you no longer wish to be put forward for any other assignments you will need to request your P45 and any outstanding holiday pay. If there has been no contact for 6 weeks your p.45 will automatically be ordered for you.

*Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (AWR): When you have worked 12 weeks (meeting the criteria) you will be entitled to receive the same basic employment and working arrangements as if you have been employed directly with the client. This includes pay, overtime and holiday pay.

The AWR period is affected by holiday, sickness and shutdown

*Pension: Cooper Golding Recruitment uses NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) as the Pension provider. You can opt out of the scheme. Further information can be found on their

*Dress code and appearance: Please present yourself in suitable work clothes that are in line with the assignment, these must be smart, clean and tidy. There may be some clients who provide a uniform that must be worn – you must follow any requirements that the client stipulates

*Alcohol & Drugs: You must not attend work if you have been drinking or taking drugs.Some clients reserve the right to testing of workers which could result in you being removed from the premises and the assignment being terminated

*IT Systems: If you have access to IT Systems you must adhere to any rules and regulations that are in place under the client’s IT Policy

*Mobile Phones & Social Media: Accessing your mobile phone during working hours is not allowed unless permission has been given by a Line Manager.Social media and posting of confidential information regarding Cooper Golding or a client is strictly forbidden – this can have a detrimental effect on the reputation of both Cooper Golding and the client and of course doesn’t stand you in a very good light!We hope that your experience with Cooper Golding is both, professional and enjoyable, however in the rare instance that you have a complaint Cooper Golding do have a complaints procedure. (ask your consultant for details).

*Working Time Regulations: The maximum working hours are an average of 48 hours per week over a 17-week period.If you are happy to work over the 48 hours, then we will ask you to sign an Opt Out Form – this is completely optional and you are under no obligation to do so.

*It is important that we hold correct and up to date informationto ensure fast and accurate payments and communications.You need to update us immediately of any changes to your personal circumstances i.e. address, email, contact number, employment status etc.

*References– if requested, you must supply two references - this must include a work reference for at least one year work history.References will be undertaken prior to any work assignment

*A copy of your last P45 is required or a Starter Checklist (replaced the P46)must be completed fully and signed

*You may be required to undertake a Math’s & English test/and or Dexterity Test


- Need to be completed fully

- Need to be signed by the client i.e. Line Manager

- Cooper Golding’s working week for payment is Monday to Sunday, however this may alter in line with a client’s own working week. Cooper Golding will inform you via an assignment details form of ALL details of the assignment.

- If working at a weekend this needs to include the weekend hours

- Timesheets need to be emailed/scanned to,alternatively you can drop the time sheet off at our offices

- You will be paid for each hour worked (to the nearest quarter of an hour) weekly in arrears

- We guarantee payment by end of play on Friday

- You are responsible for making sure that the timesheet is received by 10.00am on a Monday morning otherwise your payment maybe delayed.

*Holiday Requests: A Holiday Request Form will need to be completed – this will in turn need to be authorised by the Client/Line Manager by signing the form:

- You should notify Cooper Golding giving notice of at least twice the length of the period of annual leave that you wish to take.

- The holiday year runs from 1stJanuary to 31stDecember

- You will begin accruing holiday leave from the first day of work

- It is your responsibility to ensure that holiday entitlement is taken within the holiday year, no holiday will be taken over into the following year, except where circumstances dictate that there is no reasonable alternative. Note*Cooper Golding will follow current legislation from government with carrying forward holiday if you have been affected by the Corona virus in not being able to take it.

- Your entitlement for paid annual leave is 5.6 weeks although this may increase once the AWR qualifying period is completed

- You may also be asked to take holiday at certain times i.e. company shutdown.

-Do I get paid on bank holidays? If I do, is this an automatic process?: It is not an automatic payment, as some clients work bank holidays`. To claim your holiday entitlement on bank holidays you must complete a Holiday Request Form as normal

*Sick Leave:

- A call must be made to Cooper Golding on 01271 349745 before your start time

- This must be done on a daily basis if you continue to be sick

*As anagency worker, you will be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay(SSP) if:

- Your normal weekly earnings exceed £120 a week as of April 2020 (if your pay varies, your entitlement depends on your average pay over the previous eight weeks); and

- You are absent from work due to illness for at least four consecutive days (including weekends, bank holidays and days that you do not normally work)

- If you qualify for SSP, it is normally paid in the same way as yourwages. It is paid at a flat rate and can be paid for up to 28 weeks if your sickness lasts that long. It is not paid for the first three days that you are on sick leave – these are called 'waiting days’

COVID 19 (Corona Virus)

You only have to give your employer a fit note (sometimes called a sick note) if you’re off sick for more than 7 days in a row (including non-working days).

If you’re self-isolating and cannot work because of coronavirus (COVID-19) you can get an ‘isolation note’ online from NHS 111 if you’re off work for 7 or more days. You do not have to go to your GP or a hospital.

During the outbreak of Covid 19 SSP is being paid from day 1 if you have symptoms or are self isolating due to a family member being ill or showing symptoms. If you show symptoms you must tell your line manager and Cooper Golding and stay at home.We will send you a self certification form for the first 7 days to complete and process SSP in line with government guidelines. You will then need to obtain an isolation note as above from NHS111 after 7 days.

*Unauthorised absence: If you fail to follow the correct procedures this may result in your assignment being ended

*Requesting a P45: You should only request your P45 once you have finished your assignment and have been paid up to date

If you have been placed on an assignment that has unfortunately ended and if you are not placed out on another assignment within 6 weeks then your P45 is automatically generated and sent to you by email.

*Health & Safety: Is very important and we take this very seriously. We are outlining some of the general rules which are expected from both yourself and the client. There may be some additional regulations and these will be explained to you either by us or the client.The most important thing is that you remain healthy and safe during any working assignment – we will make sure that:

- The client has a Health & Safety Policy – which you must make yourself aware of and comply with any instructions or training required

- Risk Assessments are seen and reviewed

- We will tell you if there are any risks to the job that is being carried out

- If any PPE is required

- You must never put yourself in danger or any other persons

- All accidents, damage or unsafe issues must be reported without delay to the relevant representative of the client as well as to your consultant at Cooper Golding

- You must be aware of the dangers of working excessive hours and to take appropriate breaks.

- You must know who are the first aiders and fire wardens are during your assignment

For further questions please email

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