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Permanent Staffing

One of the key influential factors for any company is their direct hires. These are the people who will drive your business forward and whilst a dedicated member of staff can add multiple layers of value to you… a mistake can be costly!  Here at Cooper Golding, we become brand ambassadors for you!  No one can sell your business as you can, but everyone loves to hear positive reviews about you from someone else. It is a powerful tool in your armoury to establish strong links with your recruitment partner.

Our reach and engagement with an impressive network can identify the best talent in your sector.  When you work with us, we don’t just send you a two-sided piece of paper, we talk you through the softer objectives of the candidate and of course vice versa your softer objectives of integration, culture, ethics and vision.  After all, you aren’t engaging a recruiter for just what we do! You engage us for what we know too!

From advert led campaigns to search and selection, including headhunting… contingency or retained we have got you covered.

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putting people first

We listen, we care, we are reliable         

We link talented individuals to employers of choice...