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Renewable Energy Retrofit

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The government is looking to the country to be carbon net zero by 2050. This will have a large impact on businesses moving forward and whether they should retrofit to help meet this target. Retrofitting can include things such as upgrading the heating and plumbing systems and switching to renewable energy solutions such as solar, wind and hydro energy.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to retrofitting and of course, these will need to be carefully considered before committing to change. Advantages would include meeting standards, energy efficiency, cost savings in the long run and greater perception of the business as a whole. On the flip side, factors to consider would be cost, time and potentially the risk of damaging older properties by making changes.

It has become clear that this is going to be the way forward both commercially and domestically and with this, employment opportunities within the renewable energy sector have already seen a great increase. Companies are looking for skilled people in all areas such as Project Management, Site Engineers and Planning to name a few.

Cooper Golding have had the pleasure of working with a leading renewable energy company in the South West and have successfully helped them to fill business critical roles at a time most needed. If you have previous experience within renewable energy, civil engineering or are a graduate in the relevant field please do get in touch with us at Cooper Golding on 01271349745 as we could just have that next great opportunity for you.