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Plastic Free July!

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Plastic Free July is a global movement that allows people to be part of solving plastic pollution. By making small changes in your day to day lives and at work can make a huge difference. Getting involved with Plastic Free July allows us to find plastic alternatives and continue to use them. 

Here at Cooper Golding we are using plastic alternatives such as; reusable coffee mugs, we use these on the morning coffee run to reduce waste. We use fully recyclable paper cups for our water dispenser, use pens made partly with cardboard and colleagues do regular beach cleans to play their part in becoming plastic free.

We are not completely plastic free but recycle all waste and reuse all the plastic we can; we are working towards plastic free alternatives every day. Here are some ideas that you can use to work towards a plastic free lifestyle: 

  1. Reusable takeaway coffee mugs
  2. Plastic free alternatives when buying fruit and vegetables at the supermarket
  3. Reusable shopping bags
  4. Reuse plastic straws or buy alternatives
  5. Reusable water bottles

Will you be taking part in Plastic Free July? What will you do to reduce plastic waste within your home and business? We would love to know your ideas to help us work towards being more plastic free.