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Parliament Suspension

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The Queen has approved the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s request to suspend parliament from the second week in September until the 14th of October; where a new session of Parliament will begin with a Queen's speech. 

The approval has been made just weeks before Britain's departure from the EU. This decision has been sparking protests across the country, millions of signatures for petitions being signed and a legal challenge. 

The suspension of Parliament will shorten the amount of time that the Members of Parliament have to attempt to block a ‘no-deal’ Brexit before the current deadline. Boris Johnson has said that we will leave on October 31st, regardless of a deal or no deal. 

Boris secured his place as the Prime Minister by promising he will do whatever it takes to leave the EU by Halloween. Does this plan satisfy those who back him? What are your views on the suspension of Parliament? Should they have been able to suspend Parliament this close to the Brexit deadline?