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Rishi Sunak visits North Devon

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​I was honoured to be invited to a lunch with fellow local businesses where the key note speaker was the Chancellor of the Exchequer, The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP, in Ilfracombe North Devon.

The Chancellor spent time speaking with everyone personally, for approximately 45 minutes, before delivering a short speech and taking questions. Some great discussions in regard to tackling skills shortages locally (as well as more widely), as well as rising inflation a problem being seen across Europe, affordable housing and levelling up the South West. As North Devon and the Wider South West becomes a more and more attractive place to live for many both personally and professionally, it is great to hear the Chancellor speaking positively about the economy and issues surrounding most businesses post Covid and Brexit.

Paula felt honoured to have the opportunity to meet and hear Rishi Sunak present first hand and furthermore that he was interested in hearing views from local businesses and citizens of the current and future challenges many face and how they may affect industry and the local landscape.


The event took place after the Chancellor spent time at Pall in Ilfracombe.