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CV Tips and Analysis

CV Tips and Analysis: Keep Your CV Concise and Professional

At Cooper Golding, we understand that crafting the perfect CV can be a daunting task. That's why we're here to provide you with valuable tips and analysis to ensure your CV stands out from the crowd.

1. Keep it concise: It's crucial to keep your CV within two pages of A4. Employers often have limited time to review applications, so anything longer may go unread. You can be clever with margins to optimise space without compromising readability.

2.  Embrace uniqueness: Don't worry if your CV looks different from others you've seen. There's no required format, and standing out can work to your advantage! Explore new formats like infographic CVs, especially applicable in design industries. However, remember to find a balance and avoid excessive use of pictures and elaborate borders.

3. Be concise and specific: Keep sentences and paragraphs short and snappy. Avoid vagueness and use keywords to emphasise your achievements and skills. However, beware of overusing the same words repeatedly. Using varied language will keep your CV engaging. 

4. Highlight key skills: Make sure to highlight your key skills and back them up with relevant examples throughout your CV. It's essential to keep these sections up-to-date to accurately represent your abilities.

5. Consistency and readability: Steer clear of colored or fancy fonts. Stick to a consistent and easy-to-read format. Remember, simplicity is key when it comes to ensuring employers can quickly scan your CV.

6. Back up skills with experiences: It's important to connect your skills with the relevant experiences you have gained. Showcasing the practical application of your abilities makes your CV more meaningful. 

7. Proofread and spell check: Always proofread your CV and run it through a spell checker before submitting it. Consider asking a friend or colleague to review it as well. A CV with spelling or grammar mistakes demonstrates carelessness and a lack of attention to detail, which can negatively impact your chances.

8. Double-check before sending: Before sending your CV, double-check all the details and ensure everything is accurate. It's essential to review your CV thoroughly and make the necessary edits to present yourself in the best possible light.

9. Seek assistance if needed: If you require additional support or guidance with your CV, don't hesitate to contact us at Cooper Golding! We have a team of experienced recruiters who have seen thousands of CVs and can help get yours right. Give us a call on 01271 349745 or email us at

Crafting an effective CV is a crucial step in landing your dream job. By following these tips and seeking assistance when needed, you can maximise your chances of success.

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