Job Searching

Are you looking for a job in manufacturing, engineering, or production? Cooper Golding Recruitment can help you find the ideal job to suit your skill set! We have proven success in linking talent to employers of choice.

Here’s how we can help you land the job you really want.

  1. We match you to suitable positions within our specialist industries; manufacturing, engineering and production
  2. Our team of professionals work with you so that you can be matched to your perfect role
  3. Manage the process quickly and efficiently
  4. Be highly skilled and knowledgeable in manufacturing, engineering and production recruitment
  5. By being passionate, honest and helpful in solving any problems
  6. Offering full support throughout the recruitment process
  7. By providing a caring professional and personal service
  8. Having detailed knowledge about your industry
  9. We also understand your objectives, vision and personal goals
  10. Provide comprehensive feedback
  11. Offer a quality accredited service as corporate members of the REC; the governing body for recruitment businesses
  12. We also work with reputable companies

For more information, call us on 01271 349 745 or email us at