Curve Ball Candidate

If you've ever watched the programme Escape to the Country, you'll be familiar with the idea of the 'Mystery House'

If not, Escape to the Country follows the journey of people looking to buy a property in rural areas within the UK. The house hunters describe their ideal scenario to the presenters, describing their key requirements including size, property type and location etc. The presenters then show them three properties matching their predetermined ideas. Then from left field, the presenter of the show introduces what is called the 'mystery house', a property that challenges the buyer's perception of what they really want. Quite often, the mystery house ends up being the house that is then chosen by the buyers. 

That's all well and good, but what has Escape to the Country got to do with recruitment?

Welcome to the 'Curveball' Candidate… most businesses have a preconceived idea of what they want when recruiting, a list of skills, experience and qualifications. Very often this idealistic person doesn’t exist and they end up frustrated or gaining only 70/80% of what they really want.

Cooper Golding is an expert in gaining a thorough knowledge of your needs but also realistic in terms of what is available in the marketplace. Thus, we are able to offer 'the curveball' candidate, perhaps someone who doesn’t necessarily fit into the predetermined job description but we know will ultimately fit into your team, or has the capacity to be developed or their skills are easily transferable!

Give it a go…. you may well be pleasantly surprised with the outcome!